Carrier offers an alternative air-conditioning solution for houses and small offices with limited space availability.


Main Features

  • A single solution for cooling and heating.

  • Suitable for room sizes of approximate 13-29 m2.

  • Slim and fashionable design.

  • Comfortable regulation by remote control with follow me function.

  • Ideal air distribution by adjustable air outlet grid.

  • Castors and side-carry handles makes it easy to move.

  • Automatically recycle condensate within the unit, by increasing the cooling efficiency.

  • No need for water bucket due to automatically recycle condensate of evaporator.

  • Intelligent on-off technology enables the unit to automatically enter energy-saving mode when on standby mode.


Technical Specifications

Energy Label Cooling


Energy Label Heating  Α+  Α+
Cooling Capacity 2,60 kW   3,30 kW
Heating Capacity 2,50 kW   3,00 kW
Application area 12-18 m2 16-23 m2
Dimension (WxDxH) 467x397x765 467x397x765