Air-Cooled Liquid Chillers with Integrated Hydronic Module

30RB 008-015


  • Three sizes with nominal cooling capacities from 8 to 14 kW.
  • Aquasnap liquid chillers, featuring the latest technological innovations: incorporating scroll or rotary compressors, low-noise fans operating on the ozone-friendly refrigerant R-410A.
  • Units have Eurovent energy efficiency class A (size 008) or B (sizes 012 and 015).
  • Units are available with or without integrated hydronic module depending on the application. The integrated hydronic module reduces installation time and includes scree filter. Water pump, expansion tank, safety valve and pressure gauge.
  • Auto-adaptive control algorithm prevents excessive compressor cycling and reduces the amount of water in the hydronic circuit (Carrier patent).
  • Components are specifically designed for R-410A refrigerant. All units have been submitted to the necessary laboratory tests to ensure perfect operation.
  • Latest-generation low-noise fans, now even quieter, as they do not generate intrusive low-frequency noise.
  • Scroll or rotary compressors run quietly and vibration-free and are known for their durability and reliability. They are maintenance-free.
  • Air management system, consisting of the propeller fan, orifice and air discharge grille, guarantees minimized sound levels.
  • Wide temperature operating range: units can operate efficiently in extreme temperature conditions. They can work at low-ambient conditions (down to
     -10 OC and up to 46 OC outside temperature).
  • Compact unit dimensions, reduced weight and easy access to all internal components facilitate installation.
  • An HMI graphic service interface can be used to monitor and set unit operating parameters.
  • Specially shaped anchorage feet ensure correct and safe unit fixing to the foundation.
  • Increased energy efficiency at part load – the result of a long qualification and optimization process.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.